July 13, 2017

RedLink announce an exclusive representation agreement with Publishers Communication Group

RedLink have announced today an exclusive representation agreement with Publishers Communication Group (PCG) for the North American region to help maintain and grow sales of the Redlink Library Dashboard.

Launched late in 2016,  the Library Dashboard tool provides a complete, normalized overview of usage and turn-away statistics to help with collection decision-making, and offers easy to use data integration, analysis, and visualization tools.  PCG’s in-depth knowledge of the needs and challenges that libraries face, gained through the day to day activities of market research and content sales, positions them perfectly to promote the value that Redlink Library Dashboard brings to the community.

Melissanne Scheld, Managing Director of PCG said, “We are thrilled to be RedLink’s chosen partner for selling the Dashboard. It is the perfect tool to help libraries better understand their usage. Given our extensive experience working with libraries across the US and Canada, we look forward to delivering excellent results for RedLink.”

The deal highlights the flexibility of PCG, and whether it’s software or subscriptions, if the product enables publishers and academic communities, PCG are the partners to bring that solution to the market.

Read the RedLink press release.

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