While digital publishing is clearly an area of growth and great activity, it is sometimes easy to forget that the majority of publishing is still paper.  As long as that is the case, many publishers continue to lean on effective solutions with a strong track record in print based publishing, but also flexible enough to help manage their growing digital business.

The Vista solutions have been powering the fulfilment requirements of many large and smaller publishers for four decades. A solution known for its ability to match the requirements of the book trade as well as subscription publishers in North America, Europe and Australasia, Vista and its sister product, author2reader, have handled the fulfilment requirements of most of the very largest publishers.

Even as Ingenta has been investing in the creation of a next generation product, Ingenta Commercial—a solution designed with the digital future of publishing in mind—we are very proud to continue a long term strategy of support and product progression for Vista and author2reader, platforms that support major publishers such as Elsevier, Penguin Random House, Macmillan, SAGE and Wolters Kluwer.


Ingenta CommercialIngenta Commercial – the next generation

The Vista solutions have been powering the fulfilment requirements of the world’s largest publishers for forty years. Our next-generation Commercial system supports royalties, permissions, editorial, production, online sales and marketing and digital and print distribution.

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