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As a publisher, your objective is to expand usage and extend your influence, but where to start? How do you understand and serve diverse users and decision makers in emerging countries around the world? How do you even know who to reach out to? Our research, sales and marketing services are here to help.


Before you can devise any editorial, marketing, pricing or content delivery strategies, you need useful market intelligence. Our industry veterans, drawn from the ranks of librarians, scholarly publishers and researchers, know which questions to ask, who to ask and how the answers can help you.

PCG can answer:

  • What are end users looking for?
  • How can you address their most pressing concerns?
  • How is your collection perceived in the market?
  • What is the correct price point?


You want to grow your business and create ongoing relationships with keydecision-makers, but staff limitations, management time and overhead costs stand in the way. PCG can be your dedicated
sales force. Our experienced library-facing sales staff have negotiated millions of dollars in new revenues for our publishing clients.

PCG will:

  • Sell to libraries, consortia and end-users
  • Upsell existing subscribers
  • Negotiate with regional consortia
  • Visit your current and potential institutional customers
  • Speak to your prospects in their language during their work day
  • Attend regional conferences


We will identify the most appropriate institutions and organizations to target and coordinate every aspect of your promotion to generate new sales. Because we conduct business in twelve  languages across five continents, we can tailor your plan to match local needs, from email and telemarketing to collateral, social media and PR.

PCG will:

  • Expand the awareness of your publications.
  • Encourage librarians, academics, and researchers to initiate subscriptions




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