Magazine, newspaper and subscription publishers

Publishers of high volume, subscription content have their own unique challenges to overcome. Ingenta offers a comprehensive selection of tools to enable magazine, newspaper and subscription publishers to fully maximise their revenue streams. Ingenta’s subscription management solution enables publishers to manage subscriptions across, print, digital and mixed format on one system, whilst our advertising and audience solutions enable publishers to make the most of their ad sales, making the process more efficient, and adding value to the process.

 Subscription Management

With Ingenta’s subscription solution, it doesn’t matter what you’re selling: Physical, digital or mixed bundles. This can all be dynamically altered and updated and the system handles it there and then.

Fixed term or anytime start duration subscriptions; physical, digital or mixed packages; delivery platforms; release and publication schedule management are all fully supported

Incorporated into the system are complex pricing, promotions, billing and licencing models including time related access or fixed downloads. Catch-ups and back issues are automatically created and various deferred revenue models are supported as standard.

Auto renewals are generated as well as configurable reminder schedules and Industry standard EDI (ICEDIS). Trial and gratis subscriptions are also supported along with complex consortia deals.

Advertising management

Ingenta Advertising is a complete, browser-based multimedia advertising, CRM and sales management platform for content providers. With the ability to sell and track digital and print ads in a single system, you can maximise the value of your audience with streamlined ad sales, packaged ad buys and multi-channel campaigns, generating new revenues from previously untapped sources.

Audience profiling

The Ingenta Audience data management platform (DMP) processes enriched data to gain valuable insights on your users. These insights empower your advertisers to ensure that their creative advertising campaigns reach and engage with their target audiences.


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