Ingenta Aperture

Ingenta Aperture gives trusted parties access to the information locked inside your systems. The web-based application provides intuitive access wherever you are, giving you the information you need on demand.

Unlocking your data

Ingenta Aperture allows you to create a view into your data which can be accessed on demand, regardless of where the information is stored. Set access rights to make sure sensitive information is shared on a ‘need to know’ basis. This allows you to share business insights, securely, on your own terms.

Typical uses

  • Authors accessing royalty statements

  • Detailed product, pricing, bundling and order information; on demand for bookstores

  • Metadata access for project contributors

  • On-the-go access for representatives

Key benefits

  • Give third parties a self-service mechanism, allowing them to access information previously locked within internal infrastructure.

  • Customers can access the information they need, on demand, reducing the number of routine customer service queries.

  • Ingenta Aperture is database neutral, meaning the application can work with any system through a web API

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