ALPSP conference report

It’s so bracing in the ALPSP!

Byron Russell was in “sunny” Holland for the 10th Anniversary ALPSP Conference

The ALPSP conference this year in celebration of its 10th anniversary was held in Noordwijk-an upmarket resort on the Dutch coast just a few yards from sandy beach. Unfortunately, on the first day of the conference, Holland saw one of the heaviest gales in a many a year.  The wind howled along the promenade, tearing up the sand and giving all participants what Audrey McCulloch drolly described as a free micro dermabrasion.

Planes were delayed, delegates arrived looking windblown and bedraggled. But nothing could dampen people’s enthusiasm; Audrey said how excited everyone was to finally take the ALPSP Conference outside the UK to celebrate the Association’s 10th Anniversary.  The Grand Hotel Huis ter Duin provided an excellent location; a social highlight of the first day was the evening reception, with excellent food and drink lavishly provided, courtesy of the Copyright Clearance Centre. The venue was a pavilion right on the beach; fortunately, by the evening the winds had died down.

There were excellent plenary sessions, all of which have received plenty of media exposure through Twitter, and parallel breakout sessions on themes such as AI and its role in discovery (Ingenta is at the cutting edge here, through our partnership with Chan-Zuckerburg’s Meta engine), cross community innovation and social research collaboration (we’re at the forefront here too, through our relationship with PaperHive and Kudos). Altogether the conference seemed bigger than in earlier years; 340 delegates from 19 countries (including Australia!) made for a truly international event, with 26 different industry sectors and 254 organisations represented. Finally, a huge round of applause to all those who took part in the 17km FODAD charity bike ride in pouring rain and wind – for details of who these brave souls were – and to give a donation – please go to

Looking forward to ALPSP 2018!

A quiz team from the ALPSP dinner – third on the night after leading for most of the quiz – before finally being scuppered by a round on works of art by famous people not best known for being artists (who knew George W Bush was a fairly good painter!).


Counter-clockwise from front left:

Diane Cogan, VP Global Sales, Ringgold

Byron Russell, Head of Ingenta Connect, Ingenta

Mike Jacobs, Managing Director, Wageningen

Rowland Conway, Product Director, Ingenta

Mark Hester, Sales Manager, Ingenta

Bill O’Brien, Director: Business Development, Copyright Clearance Center

Chris Fell, Director of Strategy and Partnerships, Cambridge University Press

Jasmin Lange, Director: Business Development, Brill

Mark McCallum, Business Development & Marketing Director, codeMantra

On the team, but not in the picture (as he is taking it) Ove Kähler, Director: Program Management & Global Distribution, Brill



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