PaperHive – attract new readers through collaboration

PaperHive enables researchers to read, discuss and annotate academic content in collaboration with their colleagues and the wider academic community. By integrating PaperHive’s enhanced reader and widget, publishers benefit from both an annotation system, and a copyright-compliant collaborative research platform. PaperHive improves the reach and impact of research content.

Researchers go where they get their work done – if content is not interactive it cannot achieve its full potential. Although researchers spend 12-25 hours a week reading, communication about articles and books is inefficient, often impossible, and never in context. Chaotic email chains and scattered offline notes are the time-consuming workaround research groups use to manage their shared notes, conversations and insights about research texts. Readers cannot easily engage other experts with their questions, insights or contributions.

By enabling PaperHive, publishers allow researchers to communicate in real-time in the margin of their entire content. Readers can discuss privately and publicly, ask questions, share ideas and feedback. Authors can enrich publications with helpful information and provide updates and amendments, without waiting for a new edition. Experts save time, benefit from the feedback of their colleagues, get in contact with future collaborators, and increase the visibility of their own work. Annotations are persistent, shareable, citable, follow W3C Annotation Standards and are attached to the Version of Record.

Benefits from enabling PaperHive for your content

Attract and engage new readers. Authors and editors get an easy way to share updates and corrections with the community. Editorial updates revitalise backlist content, author annotations raise interest in new publications and increase their impact. Аnnotations keep content alive and make it relevant for years to come.

Speed up, increase and track copyright-compliant content sharing. Deep links to any text passage, citable annotations, and the ability to follow articles encourage readers to return again and again to publications. Downloads are COUNTER-compliant and automatically registered through Ingenta Connect. A range of metrics give you a complete picture of your readers.

PaperHive is a team collaboration tool integrated with your platform and boosting your usage. PaperHive is the only tool offering an end-to-end collaborative reading and communication workflow for the research community. PaperHive Channels allow teams to discuss privately, manage multiple projects, and have a shared article library. Team communication with Channels gives more accurate usage figures, moving conversations online and providing better insight into your readership. All traffic flows to you.

PaperHive is now available through Ingenta Connect. Contact your Account Manager to discuss pricing and  integration, or visit for more information, or register for our free webinar on PaperHive at three pm UK time on November 1st 2017.

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