Ingenta Connect partners with CEPIEC in China

In January 2017, we began collaboration with China Educational Publications Import & Export Corporation (CEPIEC) for the pay-per-view sale of scholarly content into China, delivered as metadata via Ingenta Connect.

Founded in 1987 by the Ministry of Education, CEPIEC is the largest academic digital resource importer in the Chinese academic field, and the second largest print publication agent authorized by the Chinese government.

CEPIEC and Baidu (NASDAQ: BIDU) have just launched an embedded pay-per-view platform – the first one-stop resource geared exclusively for scholarly pay-per-view articles in China, aimed at individual researchers. Backed by Baidu Scholar’s search facilities, academic resources can be browsed, found, and acquired quickly, and can then be purchased directly online. We already have over 20 Ingenta Connect publishers either signed up, or having expressed firm interest. It’s easy to join them, and there is no cost involved.

Key points

  • The relationship with CEPIEC / Baidu does not interfere with any relationships you may have for subscription sales in China – this is aimed at individuals, not institutions.
  • Pricing is in Renminbi; reimbursement of your revenue is in your chosen currency.
  • As leading Chinese companies have a vested financial interest in making this venture successful, the collaboration should help prevent illegal copying and downloading of content.
  • Integration is free. All you have to do, as a publisher, is agree on a fixed price across the board for all the content you want delivered as PPV in China.
  • We don’t deliver fulltext until the article is fully paid for.
  • Fulltext is stored on our servers. We only feed metadata (headers and abstracts) to the CEPIEC/ Baidu platform to enable discovery.

This new, exciting collaboration between CEPIEC and Baidu launches PPV into the Chinese scholarly marketplace. If you would like to join the venture, please contact your Account Manager for more details.

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