Making the Most of Ingenta Connect

Connect Compilations is an important new way to enhance the value of your content on Ingenta Connect

Joan Dargan, Senior Account Manager, Europe, Ingenta Connect

Connect Compilations is a new feature that allows you to bring together pieces of your own content that have previously been published on Ingenta Connect – whether in books, journals, reports or other formats.  Typical examples might be a themed collection of papers on a specific subject, or an annual ‘best of’ compiling the most accessed or cited papers of a particular journal.  Users will be able to purchase the whole virtual publication or activate subscription access.

How can it benefit your business?

Connect Compilations will give you the ability to repackage your existing content into new virtual publications tailored to specific markets.  We will provide you with a tool that allows you complete control to create or edit your virtual publications as your business requires.  Examples could be:

  • Conferences: Create a collection of articles related to a conference.  This could then be sold to the conference organizer with access to the content included in the delegate fee.  Alternatively, trial access could be offered to the delegates to try and increase subscription sales or the whole publication could be promoted and sold to attendees of the conference.
  • Best of: Create a Best of compilation that brings together your best articles form a particular journal or across all of your titles.  The publication could be sold or used to increase subscription sales

I only have one journal – how can I use this functionality?

You don’t have to have lots of publications to take advantage of the Connect Compilations feature.  If you only have one journal on Ingenta Connect, you can create a ‘Best of’ Compilation from your archive content.  If your archive isn’t online, Connect Compilations could be one way to generate revenue from your archive, so talk to us about putting your archive online.  You can include all types of content in a compilation; it doesn’t just have to be journal articles.  Talk to us about any other content you have and how to get it online.

How much does it cost?

There is an additional charge for the Connect Compilations feature.  The cost is based on the number of virtual publications you create.

Contact your Account Manager for further information on how to get started with this exciting, innovative tool.


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