Ingenta News Bulletin – March 2019

Ingenta News Bulletin

Welcome to the March Ingenta news update – the latest edition of our quarterly bulletin that is designed to provide a quick-to-read summary of the latest news and developments here at Ingenta. In this edition:

For questions about any aspects of our service to you, or any suggestions for new features or services, please contact

 2019 London Book Fair Preview

LBF2019Ingenta will once again be exhibiting at The London Book Fair. In 2019 LBF will celebrate its 48-year anniversary, and as one of the largest annual events for publishers in the UK it sees more than 25,000 publishing professionals arrive in London for the week of the Fair to learn, network, and kick off their year of business. The event is the global marketplace for rights negotiation and the sale and distribution of content across print, audio, TV, film and digital channels. The event will take place from 12-14 March 2019 in Olympia, London. 

Ingenta will be announcing Ingenta Connect Unity – our latest addition to Ingenta’s family of discovery and delivery platforms. More information about this can be found below. We will also be launching some other innovative products. To discuss any of the Ingenta products or to arrange an appointment at the London Book Fair, please contact Kevin Cerboni. Ingenta and Publishers Communication Group will be sharing stand 3C10, in Hall 3 of the National Hall Gallery. We hope to see you at the event. To find out more about LBF 2019 and to get a ticket please visit The London Book Fair 2019 website.

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Ingenta Connect Unity – New product

Ingenta Connect UnityIngenta is excited to announce Ingenta Connect Unity. This represents a new addition to Ingenta’s family of discovery and delivery platforms. Ingenta Connect Unity extends the potential of Ingenta Connect by giving you a custom visual overlay which reflects your unique identity. Unity functions as a simple, cost effective way to provide a seamless experience and access to your publications while you benefit from all the enhanced discoverability, ecommerce, analytics and support of Ingenta Connect. If this sounds of interest, get in contact with us or book an appointment to discuss it at London Book Fair. 

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It’s Renewals Time!

Attention Librarians! We are currently in the midst of the grace period, which provides time to process subscription renewals for the new year. In Ingenta Connect’s continued effort to provide additional support to our library administrators at renewals time, we have implemented a procedure to alert you when titles in your subscriptions list are due to expire. This means that unless we receive such information by the end of the grace period, we will be obliged to treat these titles as cancelled and honour the end of the Publisher’s gracing period by cutting off your access to 2019 content for these titles.

We have worked closely with publishers to ensure that their renewals information has been provided to us in a timely and effective manner this year. If you have renewed any of the titles which are included in your report for 2019, please notify your Publisher or Subscription Agent immediately and ask them to update your access to avoid interruption to your access via Ingenta Connect.

To arrange for your subscription agent to setup access on your behalf if you have Ingenta Connect Library Membership, please access and sign in using your administrator username/password. Next select ‘Activate your access using your Subscription Agent’ and check the box next to the name of your agent. Otherwise you will need to contact your subscription agent directly.

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SciencePOD – broadening appeal for science content

One challenge many publishers face is to provide relevant and easily comprehensible content for people who themselves are not direct experts in the field.

SciencePOD’s mission is to make research findings accessible to target audiences, at the post-publication stage. By putting research findings in simple and clear language, SciencePOD makes sense of discoveries buried in the literature. These findings thus become accessible to a broader audience that includes scientists from other disciplines, policymakers, funders, business partners, or the general public. SciencePOD is positioning itself to rise to the new challenges facing traditional and Open Access (OA) publishing.

Innovative OA deals are now taking place wherein national or library consortia purchase large bundles of OA papers from publishers. Why such bundles? They offer choice and flexibility. SciencePOD also sees the benefit of this approach. They sell bundles of content to publishers or funders, as additional author services or to support their marketing activities.

What is the value of these Open Access deals to authors? In an OA context, authors need to be noticed. They can no longer rely on a journal’s impact factor alone to raise the profile of their work. Instead, they rely on social media networks for scientists, using Altmetrics to measure how well they stand out in the crowd. More than ever, authors need to tell their story directly to wider audiences.

SciencePOD helps publishers and librarians create more content in less time without compromising on quality. Their cloud-based platform not only helps allocate the creation of stories to the right expert writer from their global editorial talent pool—of science writers, editors, multimedia producers and proofreaders—but also ensures quality control over the content they create, whether this is news stories, infographics, podcasts, videos or interviews.

SciencePOD is moving towards automating part of the editorial process for creating such science stories. They rely on state-of-the-art algorithms to turn research papers into plain language research summaries that place the research into a wider context and make findings accessible to wider audiences and at scale.

The next Ingenta free webinar will be with SciencePOD and takes place on 20th March 2019. More details about the: Ingenta Webinar – SciencePOD, Magnifying the Impact of your Publications webinar and registration details can be found below. Alternatively please contact to learn more.

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New Publishers on Ingenta Connect

Ingenta Connect is delighted to welcome the following new publishers to the platform:

La Civiltà Cattolica is a publishing project given to the Jesuits by Pope Pius IX in 1850, during a time of convulsive change in Europe.

Phoenix Publishing House rose from the flames in 2018 to create a home for mental health publishing as independent specialists.

Swarna Bharathi Institute of Science & Technology (SBIT) was established in the year 2003 by a group of educationists and philanthropists and is the first engineering Institution located in Khammam town.

Tech Science Press was founded in 1997 with a mission to promote academic publishing. The press publishes 15 academic periodicals in different science and engineering fields. 

Wageningen Academic Publishers is an independent STM publisher in the field of Life Sciences. It focuses on topics in animal and veterinary sciences, food sciences, environmental sciences and plant sciences.

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Events Calendar

Ingenta were Silver sponsors again this year at the Researcher to Reader Conference in London. Subjects covered included Open Access, Plan S and AI. With the London Book Fair fast approaching, Ingenta has another date for your diary: Ingenta insights day – Publishing platforms. The insights day will provide an opportunity to learn more about our discovery and delivery platforms and more information will follow in due course.

2019 London Book Fair – London, UK (12th – 14th March)
Ingenta insights day – Publishing platforms – Old Windsor, UK (10th September )

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Free Upcoming Webinars

On 20th February, CLOCKSS Executive Director Craig Van Dyke gave a great insight into CLOCKSS in the last Ingenta Webinar. CLOCKSS is a collaboration of the world’s leading academic publishers and research libraries. It provides a sustainable dark archive to ensure the long-term survival of Web-based scholarly content. The sheer weight of content the CLOCKSS archive deals with is staggering – 30 million journal articles, 75,000 books, 260 participating publishers and over 300 supporting libraries. In the webinar Craig spoke about the unique features of CLOCKSS and explained why archiving is more essential than ever. If you missed the webinar, a recording is available on the Ingenta YouTube channel. It is well worth viewing. Watch the webinar recording of: Ingenta Webinar – CLOCKSS.

Webinar Schedule: 2019

(Most webinars start at 3 p.m. UK time but please check below:)

  • Ingenta Webinar – SciencePOD, Magnifying the Impact of your Publications
    (20th March Starts at 15.00 GMT)

SciencePod provides a writing, editing, publishing and distribution service to science publishers to help them widely raise the profile of the research they publish, deploying an extensive network of highly talented and multilingual science writers from across Europe to translate complex scientific and technical concepts into simple language. In a new era of scientific publishing, where open access and notions such as citizen science have gained real political weight, the service SciencePod offers can make a real difference to discovery and usage.

Guest Presenter: Sabine Louët, Founder and CEO, SciencePOD


  • Ingenta Webinar – TrendMD: Improving Discovery, Increasing Impact
    (17th April Starts at 14.00 GMT)

TrendMD is a content recommendation engine for scholarly publishers, which powers personalized recommendations for thousands of sites. With more than 100m visitors a month across the TrendMD network of partners, and used by 7 out of 10 of the world’s leading scholarly publishers, TrendMD works by recirculating traffic between a publisher’s journals, blog and book sites, recommending the right content to the right visitor at the right time. Here at Ingenta we’ve been using TrendMD across almost all our publishers for nearly three years. Our guest presenter, Meghan Curtis, will discuss the merits of the service and explore case studies and stories with both Ingenta Connect publishers and other key content partners.

Guest Presenter: Meghan Curtis, Account Manager, TrendMD.


  • Ingenta Webinar – Open Access
    (22 May Starts at 15.00 GMT)

On the surface, Open Access should be straightforward. Everything is free and can be used, reused and shared – or can it? And if this is the case, how can it be sustainable as a business model? Our guest presenter is one of Europe’s leading experts on the OA ecosystem. An unmissable session for anyone interested in OA publishing, or flipping to an OA model.

Guest Presenter: Eelco Ferwerda, director of OAPEN. He has been active in the area of open access for monographs since 2008, when he started managing OAPEN as EU co-funded project with 6 European university presses.


  • Ingenta Webinar – Archiving your Valued Content with Portico
    (19 June Starts at 15.00 GMT)

Portico provides libraries and publishers with reliable, cost-effective preservation of electronic resources, and contributes expertise and technical assistance to national libraries, Including the British Library, and Ingenta Connect can automatically feed its publishers’ content to the service. Portico’s e-journal and e-book preservation services operate in a way in which both publishers and libraries help to defray the ongoing costs of operating the archive. In this, our second webinar on the importance of digital preservation, Stephanie Orphan, Director of Publisher Relations at Portico, looks at the collaborative model that underpins Portico, and how Portico ensures that publishers’ content is both secure and permanently accessible.

Guest Presenter: Stephanie Orphan, Director of Publisher Relations, Portico.


We hope you can join us!

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