Readers and Researchers: Social Sciences

Discover something new! Replacing the usual list of new publishers on the ingentaconnect platform, we’re introducing a new Bulletin feature this month. From now on every edition will throw the spotlight on a particular are of study, highlighting notable publishers hosted on the intgentaconnect platform. In this issue we focus on the Social Sciences.

Intellect is a publisher that’s long been well known for its exciting and diverse range of publications, particularly in the field of media and its impact on culture and society. Intellect’s Complete Collection of 96 journals, available via ingentaconnect, includes key titles such as Film Matters and Ubiquity

East View Press is the publisher of the quarterly Social Sciences which presents the prominent papers and studies appearing in more than 30 journals of the Russian Academy of Sciences, covering the most pressing issues related to Russia’s social and economic development.

Alexandrine Press focuses on the built environment in the broadest possible sense – from urban and regional planning to architecture; from housing and the environment to social issues and sustainability, Its quarterly journal Built Environment covers the broadest imaginable range of topics, from architecture and environmental planning to urban design and related social issues.

Greenleaf Publishing in association with GSE Research publishes books and journals specialising in corporate responsibility, business ethics, environmental policy and management, future business strategy and practice, and sustainable development. Greenleaf Online Library, their digitized collection contains around 4000 items from nearly 300 books and journal volumes, and is aimed at researchers, students and practitioners interested in business, management and cross-disciplinary aspects of sustainability.

Finally, Policy Press, based at the University of Bristol, is a pre-eminent social science specialist offering a number of highly prestigious journals in the social sciences; for the researcher, free trials are available to many of these, including the Journal of Poverty and Social Justice and Families, Relationships and Societies

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