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Welcome to the Winter 2016 Ingenta Connect library newsletter:

We’ve recently returned from the annual Charleston conference, where we hosted a dynamic panel on Open Access and discoverability with Charles Watkinson of The University of Michigan Library, David Sommer of Kudos, César Berios-Otero of F1000 Andrea Eastman-Mullins of Alexander Street Press. We focus in this issue of the Bulletin on some of the other tools which complement Ingenta Connect.  We talk to Kent Anderson of RedLink Dashboard, and we have an interview with Charlie Rapple about Kudos for Institutions.

We also have more details of the new Ingenta Connect Membership scheme and an update on the recently launched Ingenta Open platform. We round off this issue with the regular sections focusing on specific areas of study and research, this time our Economics and Business titles, two new publishers which have joined the service and offer the regular list of key upcoming information industry events and global library conferences.

By the way, we’re enlarging our Library Advisory Board due to several members having moved on. The current membership consists of: Karin Byström (Uppsala University Library, Sweden); Anne Maskell (House of Lords Library, UK); Anja Smit (Utrecht University Library, Netherlands); Annie Rauh (Syracuse University Libraries, USA); Katie Sacco (State University of New York at Fredonia, USA); Ramesh C. Gaur (Jawaharlal Nehru University, India); Maria Soledad Bravo-Marchant (Secretaria Ejecutiva de la Corporación Cincel, Chile); and Robert Heyer-Grey (UC Davis Collection Strategies, USA). As meetings and even calls prove difficult due to members’ busy agendas and time zones, from 2017 inter-member communication will be entirely via blogs and comments, with a single annual meet-up for those who can make it in person or those dial-in; in 2017 this will be at the Charleston convention. If you’d like to join us as new members of our Library Advisory Board please contact me at

        – Paul Overend, Editor


 Library Membership Launches

 As of 1st December 2016 there will be several important changes to the way you access Ingenta Connect, with the opportunity to join our new membership scheme. To find out about these changes and the Library Membership scheme, read more here…

RedLink Dashboard: Interview with Kent Anderson

One of the key benefits of our new Membership Scheme is cost savings on new innovations that aim to make life easier for librarians, and ease the tightening burden on human resources. One of these is RedLink Dashboard. I caught up with Scholarly Kitchen’s Kent Anderson to find out more. Read more here…

 Kudos for Institutions: Interview with Charlie Rapple

 A year ago we featured an interview between Byron Russell, Head of Ingenta Connect, and Charlie Rapple of Kudos regarding the use of the service by institutions – an important innovation, especially with the importance of library-funded APCs and the growth of ORCID in tracking author-related information and search. We make no apologies for reproducing it here – particularly as we liked it so much we have negotiated a generous discount for Ingenta Connect Library Members adopting the service, and for more information on savings and pricing just contact us at Now read the interview here…

 Ingenta Open

 Our new platform, Ingenta Open ( launched at the Frankfurt Book Fair in October. It’s a project we have been working on for over a year, and will not be fully completed until 2018. But long before then there’ll be plenty of free content, and tools such as automated APC processing and PoD. Read more here…

 Focus On…

Economics and Business

Every issue we focus on areas of content on Ingenta Connect, to introduce you to new publishers, collections and titles that you may not otherwise be familiar with and draw attention to the depth and range of content on our site. In this issue, we look at economics and business – a subject that has no fewer than 1,713 titles available to browse, purchase or subscribe to! We’d like to draw your attention to a few collections and titles that may well be on interest to your patrons – or to you! Read more here…

 New Publishers on Ingenta Connect and Ingenta Open

 Two new publishers have joined us in the last quarter. Read more here…


 We’re nearly at the end of another year, but here’s a taste of where we’ll be in 2017. More details follow in the Winter edition, out in January.

•             APE [Berlin Germany] 17-18 January

•             London Bookfair [Olympia, UK] 14-16 March

•             LILAC [Swansea, Wales] 10-12 April

•             SSP [Boston, USA] May 31-2 June

•             ALPSP [Noordwijk aan Zee, Netherlands] 13 – 15 September

•             Frankfurt Bookfair [Frankfurt, Germany] 11-15 October

•             Charleston Library Convention [Charleston SC, USA] 3-5 November

We look forward to seeing you at one of these great events next year. Meanwhile, let us take this opportunity to wish you all the compliments of the season and a successful 2017!

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