March 14, 2017

Ingenta announces deployment of the Ingenta Commercial Order-To-Cash Module with Rosen Publishing

On the eve of the London Book Fair, Ingenta – the world’s leading provider of content solutions for publishers, and Rosen Publishing – a prominent US educational publisher – are delighted to announce the successful implementation of Ingenta’s new Order-to-Cash (OTC) module.

Roger Rosen, President and owner of Rosen Publishing, expressed his pleasure at the roll-out. “It is vitally important to our continuing success as a fast-growing, robust independent publisher in a challenging commercial and educational environment, that Rosen utilize a state of the art, flexible and reliable system to meet our customers’ needs and our own growth plans. Rosen now publishes across many formats, with increasingly complex packages and bundles of content across different product types. OTC can support not only our current complex business models, but I have confidence that Ingenta can partner with us to support our acquisition growth plans and ongoing innovations in product mix which must come speedily to market.”

Read the full release here.

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