August 19, 2020

Ingenta Embraces United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Ingenta, a leader in making published content accessible to readers around the world, has signed on to the United Nations Global Compact. We have agreed to support the UN’s Ten Principles for environmental responsibility, human rights, labor and anti-corruption in our business conduct at the local, national, and global levels. We will report on our progress to our stakeholders each year, and post a copy on the UN Global Compact’s website.

Joining the UN Global Compact brings Ingenta’s business practices into closer alignment with our customers, including international inter-governmental organizations such as the United Nations and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), as well as non-profit scholarly publishing societies.

Ingenta’s commitment to this voluntary initiative grows out of our dedication to help our customers make content available to people with reading barriers, and to underserved communities, including in the Global South. It also builds on our efforts over the last three years to lessen Ingenta’s carbon output and dependence on non-renewable resources, by reducing our four global offices down to one remaining UK office, cutting back substantially on corporate travel, and increasing remote work options on a permanent basis.

“Making sure Ingenta plays our part in the Global Compact, requires action and reflection on both the organizational and individual levels,” says Ingenta CEO Scott Winner. “Our IGO and non-profit partners and clients serve as an inspiration and also keep us accountable as we move together toward a more sustainable and equitable future.”

Upholding the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals is the most meaningful action we can take, when it comes to assuring public organizations and other important customers that we are committed to the same ethical practices they are,” says Nick Weir-Williams, Ingenta’s Director of Global Strategic Partnerships.

“Ingenta’s participation in the UN Global Compact is a welcome demonstration of its commitment to sustainable business practices,” says Sherri Aldis, Chief of United Nations Publications. “It is important to know that Ingenta is in alignment with the core values of the UN Global Compact in the areas of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption.”

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