March 8, 2019

Ingenta launches universal authentication and content system

Ingenta Link helps publishers unify access control and marketing across multiple content siloes.

Oxford, UK, 8 March 2019 – Ingenta, provider of highly configurable technology solutions to publishers, is now launching Ingenta Link a universal authentication and marketing platform that unifies access control and the marketing of content locked across siloed platforms.

The system is designed to provide publishers who manage numerous online brands with a simple way to consolidate customer credentials, authentication, and cross-selling opportunities across multiple portals. It also provides publishers with the ability to analyse data on their content usage, and market all their products from one interface, regardless of location of their metadata.

Ingenta Link, the next generation of Ingenta’s innovative ICS product, solves an increasingly painstaking issue for publishers, particularly larger academic publishers with vast ranges of journal brands, who traditionally struggle to increase sales potential due to siloed content.

Scott Winner, CEO of Ingenta, stated:

“One of the most common issues and frustrations for larger publishers is lack of global control over how their content is accessed, sold and distributed. We’ve seen publishers expand and continue to launch and acquire new brands and sites. This leaves a complex network of content hosted in different places. When readers have to navigate between different content silos and go through different authentication processes each time, user experience suffers, as do sales.”

He continued: “Ingenta Link provides publishers with an effective way of unlocking siloed content; giving consumers a unified authentication and helping sales and marketing to package, bundle and sell content in more intelligent ways, as if it were all stored in the same place. Ultimately, this enables publishers to save time, increase sales, and have happier consumers.”


Michael Belcher, Ingenta
Tel: +44 7738230187

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