Ingenta Link

Ingenta Link is a universal authentication system that acts as a central management hub; connecting siloed content and their hosting platforms together across a publishers ecosystem. It allows publishers to offer their readers a single set of authentication credentials to access any of their content platforms, and gives publishers a greater ability to market and sell their content.

Understand and manage your users

From Ingenta Link’s centrally held data, pulled from your content silos, you can easily create and manage “Identities”, which might be individuals, institutions, consortia or any other custom grouping that you decide. With a defined identity in Ingenta Link, you can easily set product/content access across all of your sites and the flick of a switch.

Sell any content, in any way

Being content agnostic, Ingenta Link can pull data from content silos and gives you a simple way manage any and all of your products. You can even package, market and sell completely disparate products easily. Ingenta Link’s comprehensive licencing features also give you a flexible set of options to define how an “Identity” can access a resource. With the ability to create custom license models, you really can offer access to any product, to anyone, in any way you want.

Easy Administration

Administration of Ingenta Link is done through a web-based client, offering you the option to allow administration from any location with Internet access. 

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