New Developments on Ingenta Connect

by Joan Dargan, Senior Account Manager
Publisher Bulletin, Spring 2016

Publisher Stats

A new Ingenta Connect stats package was released in November 2015 and includes statistics that are completely COUNTER-4 compliant. This new package is a work in progress, and a revised, updated version is currently underway and will be available soon.   Improved functionality, more options and more granular reporting is planned.  Most importantly, the new upgraded stats reports will offer consolidated article download reporting and extend the range limit on single reports to one year.

Google Subscriber Links Program

In Quarter One 2016, Ingenta Connect enrolled in the Google Subscriber Links program.  Google Subscriber Links provides direct links through to the PDF for an article from Google’s search results pages when this is available online to a user via an institutional site licence.  Licence access is identified via IP address.

Via the Subscriber Links program, we shall send Google information about open access and subscribed content, so that they can add links from their search results pages directly to PDF pages on Ingenta Connect for all open access content and for licenced content when a user has subscription access. In line with the British Library convention, a coversheet will be added to each article with a link to the relevant journal and your publisher pages on Ingenta Connect.

This will help to drive usage to your content on Ingenta Connect and, in the case of free and open access content, can help to pull the content up in the Google search rankings.

Google’s use of subscriber information

The data held will allow Google to generate article links in their search results to Ingenta Connect, and they will limit subscription information that they hold to the related institutional IP address only. Google will not share this information with third parties or use it for marketing purposes.

You can cease delivery of subscription data to Google at any time

You can ask us to stop sending previously available subscription information manually, by notifying your Account Manager. Once the information is no longer available to Google, they will stop using it within 30 days.

Our closer involvement with Google Scholar will have benefits both to your subscribers, who will be able to discover and access your content more easily, and to all our publishing partners, as the initiative will help drive additional traffic to the site as a whole.

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