Making the most of Ingenta Connect

Collections and Compilations are two important ways you can enhance the value of your content on Ingenta Connect.

Connect Compilations is a feature that allows you to bring together pieces of content that have previously been published on Ingenta Connect – whether in books, journals, reports or other formats.

Typical examples might be a themed collection of papers on a specific subject, or an annual “best of” compiling the most accessed or cited papers of a particular journal. Users can purchase the whole virtual publication or activate subscription access. Connect Compilations gives you the ability to repackage existing content into new virtual publications tailored to specific markets. We provide you with a toolset to allow you complete control to create and edit your virtual publications as your business requires. Examples…

Conferences: Create of a collection of articles related to a conference, to be sold to the conference organiser with access to the content included in the delegate fee. Alternatively, trial access could be offered to the delegates to increase subscription sales, or the whole publication can be promoted and sold to conference delegates.

Best of: Build a virtual publication to bring together your best articles from a particular journal, or across all of your titles. The publication can be sold or used as marketing collateral to increase subscription sales.

Collections enable you to bundle a suite of products – books, for example – to enable your marketing and sales teams (or ours, using PCG’s own expert sales services) to sell a complete package to libraries. Each Collection is a subset of Ingenta Connect’s full book or journal list, usually themed by subject, and offered either by a single publisher or by a group of co-operating publishers. Each group of journals can be licensed as a collection, allowing specialist libraries to expand their holdings in specific subject areas at consortia prices. Free trials may also be made available, enabling libraries to assess the value of a collection before licensing.



Berrett-Koehler’s Collections page on Ingenta Connect



For further information about either of these excellent ways to add value to your content, please talk to your Account Manager.

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