Ingenta Publisher News Bulletin – September 2018

Ingenta Publisher Bulletin

Welcome to the September Ingenta news update – the latest edition of our regular monthly bulletin that is designed to provide a quick-to-read summary of the latest developments here at Ingenta Connect, Ingenta Open and Ingenta CMS. In this month’s edition:

For questions about any aspects of our service to you, or any suggestions for new features or services, please contact your Account Manager or contact me, Head of Ingenta Connect

Kaffee und Kuchen Mark OASPA’s 10th Anniversary

The Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association (OASPA) represents the interests of Open Access (OA) publishers globally in all scholarly disciplines, and Ingenta have been members for two years now. Their mission is carried out through exchanging information, most especially through their annual conference (COASP), a highlight in the open access publishing calendar. Now in its 10th anniversary year, COASP is a major annual scholarly publishing conference that brings the open access community together to discuss new developments and innovations in scholarly publishing, and unite in a goal to enable research around the world to be openly accessible. The conference kicked off with an ‘Early Movers’ panel, in which key actors from the early years of the open access movement – David Prosser, Susan Murray, Jean-Claude Guédon, Paul Peters, Lars Bjørnshauge, and Caroline Sutton – discussed the history of the movement and the progress in open access publishing that has been made since COASP held its first conference in 2008, and reflected on where open access publishing is heading today.

As a venue, the Conference this year was held in the University of Vienna; the faculty building treated the delegates to wonderful panoramic views over the city from its 12th floor roof terrace, though the queues from the lift from the 150 delegates meant that in some cases quite a climb was needed to get there! Drinks receptions were a part of the celebrations, of course, and on the second night the reception was held in Vienna’s spectacular Natural History Museum, complete with an animatronic dinosaur. One of the great things about COASP is the large number of networking opportunities for further discussion and collaboration between attendees.

View from the 12th Floor

View from the 12th Floor

The main panel topics this year were F.A.I.R. Research Outputs, Open Access Monographs, Transformative Agreements and New Models in Open Access Publishing. A major item of controversy was the Plan S programme.

Research funders from France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and eight other European nations have unveiled a radical open-access initiative that could change the face of science publishing in two years; though designed to greatly speed the pace of transformation to a wholly OA environment, it has instantly provoked protest from publishers.

The 11 agencies, who together spend €7.6 billion (US$8.8 billion) in research grants annually, say they will mandate that from 2020 the research scientists they fund must make resulting papers free to read immediately on publication. The papers would have a liberal publishing licence that would allow anyone else to download, translate or otherwise reuse the work. “No science should be locked behind paywalls!” says a preamble document that accompanies the pledge, called Plan S, released on 4 September.

“It is a very powerful declaration. It will be contentious and stir up strong feelings,” says Stephen Curry, a structural biologist and open-access advocate at Imperial College London. The policy, he says, appears to mark a “significant shift” in the open-access publishing movement, which has seen slow progress in its bid to make scientific literature freely available online.

As written, Plan S will bar researchers from publishing in 85% of journals, including influential titles such as Nature and Science – unless such journals flip to a wholly Gold open access model. According to a December 2017 analysis, only around 15% of journals publish work immediately as open access — financed by charging per-article fees to authors or their funders, negotiating general open-publishing contracts with funders, or through other means. More than one-third of journals still publish papers behind a paywall, and typically permit online release of free-to-read versions only after a delay of at least six months. Needless to say, Plan S was a major topic of conversation during the Kaffee und Kuchen breaks.

For highlights from last year’s conference in Lisbon, please see the COASP 2017 video on YouTube. Highlights from this year’s conference will be presented soon on

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Beyond Download Industry Consultation Group

PaperHive_logo small

PaperHive, a copyright-compliant scholarly collaboration network, has launched an industry consultation group focused on developing solutions for responsible PDF-sharing and measurement of off-campus content usage. The group is joined by representatives of market-leading academic publishers including Springer Nature, Taylor and Francis Group, Cambridge University Press, SAGE Publishing, technology provider Ingenta, data company Clarivate Analytics, and Publons.

The goal of the industry consultation group is to define a solution inspired by researcher workflows that ensures copyright-compliant usage of user-uploaded content, giving publishers additional insights in off-campus usage, sharing and networks of collaboration. The new solution will enable users to upload PDFs to PaperHive and share them privately in groups of limited size in line with STM Voluntary Principles for Article Sharing on Scholarly Collaboration Networks, while ensuring access is never shared publicly. Metadata matching will allow publishers to gain insights into PDF content usage that are similar to the ones known from online usage of HTML content.
PaperHive has a limited number of seats available for this group. If you would like to participate and offer feedback on this exciting new product, please contact us at

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Special Introductory offer for Open Access Content

PaperHive Open Access logoPaperHive is a scholarly collaboration network connected to publisher websites enabling researchers and students to annotate, manage and discuss academic literature. All user activities are channeled to the Version of Record, so publishers benefit from usage that happened offline before. PaperHive helps publishers increase the usage and impact of content, attract and retain the best authors, and secure ongoing and new library subscriptions.

To support Open Access publishing initiatives, PaperHive is running a three month introductory offer for publishers with Open Access programs. Ingenta publishers who decide to integrate their open access books and journals with PaperHive until October 31st will receive a significant volume-based discount on their initial annual subscription fee.

Reach out to for more information or sign up for our webinar on October 3rd. Register for the Free webinar.

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2018 Frankfurt Book Fair Preview

Frankfurt_Book_Fair_2018Ingenta will be exhibiting at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2018 which takes place in Frankfurt, Germany on 10th – 14th October. Come and meet Ingenta in hall 6.2 stand A16 and discuss the Ingenta Commercial, Ingenta CMS, Ingenta Connect and Ingenta Open platforms. PCG will also be exhibiting in hall 4.2 stand G69. The event is widely regarded as the largest international trade fair for content, the centre of the international media world and a major cultural event. Nowhere else in the world does the publishing and media industry show itself from a more diverse, innovative and international side than during these five days in October.
The Frankfurt Book Fair is a meeting place for the industry’s experts and the most important marketplace for books, media, rights and licences worldwide. Be they publishers, booksellers, agents, film producers or authors – each year in October, they all come together and create something new.

It will help all you to grow your business, expand your network, build bridges into the future, grow your professional skills, and make new discoveries: digital content, the vibrant publishing landscape of the Guest of Honour and interesting information about the most important markets worldwide.

If you are looking for a new platform or software, visit Ingenta in hall 6.2 stand A16. If you are going to attend and want to discuss our software / platforms, please contact today to book an appointment.

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New Training Videos for COUNTER 5

Last Autumn, COUNTER began publicly discussing work on a draft of the newest version of the COUNTER Code of Practice – an issue of great importance for Institutions and Publishers alike. Lorraine Estelle’s team at COUNTER have created the first two Foundation Classes about COUNTER Release 5. These are now on COUNTER’s YouTube Channel. These are the first in a series of classes and Lorraine ( ) welcomes any ideas from you for further classes in the series.

• COUNTER Foundation Class 1: Metric Types:

• Counter Foundation Class 2: Release 5 Reports:

For more information on COUNTER 5, visit

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New Delivery of Stats directly to Secure Directory

Ingenta Connect is now providing a new method of delivery for Ingenta Connect Publisher report statistics. Monthly reports for each of the currently available reports will now be delivered directly to the SFTP service for each publisher. This will allow each publisher to get the majority of the reports they need without having to request them through the Ingenta Connect Publisher Administration functions.

If the stats delivered do not provide all the information you require, just let your Account Manager know. It may be that what you are asking for is already supported but needs to be run from the site directly – that facility remains in place. Specially tailored reports to your requirements can also be generated – please contact your Account Manager to discuss them.

All publishers should have received their SFTP credentials by now. If you have not received your credentials, please contact your Account Manager, who will be happy to provide them to you.

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Ingenta Commercial

Ingenta provide an extensive range of products to help organisations manage and monetise content. While you may be aware of products like Ingenta Connect, Ingenta CMS and our open access platform – Ingenta Open, our other products which cover advertising, media and other technology you may be less familiar with. Ingenta Commercial could be one of those.

Ingenta Commercial modulesThe Ingenta Commercial suite is an ERP solution for publishers. It helps organisations and businesses manage the whole publishing process and effectively handle products from ideation through contract management to order fulfilment and cash collection.

The publishing platform streamlines workflow and supports (IP) intellectual property management and copyright compliance management. With a comprehensive array of tools available, the publishing software assists with metadata management, contracts management, rights management and royalties management.

Ingenta Commercial is a modular system which comprises three separate modules: Contracts Rights & Royalties (CR&R); Content Lifecycle Manager (CLM) and Order to Cash (O2C). Each module in the Ingenta Commercial suite can be purchased individually or implemented with any other module in the suite. The suite enables users to manage licencing associated with each digital or physical product, or each collection or product bundle that the user sets up. Subscriptions management is made easy; and benefits from real-time management reporting and content lifecycle management, taking control of sales, payments, invoicing, delivery and returns, simplifies workflow and promotes optimal efficiency of diverse publishing processes.


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Free Upcoming Webinars

Thanks go to Nicola Poser (Managing Director at RedLink) for her informative webinar on RedLink. The webinar demonstrated how RedLink’s Publisher Dashboard could help maximise revenues and monitor sales and downloads. The webinar recording is now available on the Ingenta YouTube channel.

Webinar Schedule: September to December 2018

(all webinars start at 3 p.m. UK time)

  • AllrightsOnline: An introduction to Licencing (3rd October)

Licencing is one of the most powerful tools at a publisher’s disposal, but also one of the most complex and – potentially – the most daunting. This webinar looks at the legal ins and outs of content licensing, how to avoid common pitfalls and engineer the best possible deals for you as publishers and for your authors.
Guest Presenter: Berendina van Straalen, a certified mediator in copyright issues. She has a longstanding working experience as a researcher, translator, editor and manager of subsidiary rights within the publishing industry. REGISTER FOR WEBINAR HERE.

  • Open Access (14th November)

On the surface, Open Access should be straightforward. Everything is free and can be used, reused and share – or can it? And if this is the case, how can it be sustainable as a business model? Our guest presenter is one of Europe’s leading experts on the OA ecosystem. An unmissable session for anyone interested in OA publishing, or flipping to an OA model.
Guest Presenter: Eelco Ferwerda, director of OAPEN. He has been active in the area of open access for monographs since 2008, when he started managing OAPEN as EU co-funded project with 6 European university presses. REGISTER FOR WEBINAR HERE.

  • The what, why and how of DOIs (12th December)

Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) are special strings of alphanumeric characters that form a persistent link to individual publications. They are issued at the time of publication, much like an ISBN or a serial number. DOIs are bound to metadata about the content object, such as a URL, indicating where it can be found. But what is their real value, and why should you, as a publisher, engage with them?

Guest Presenter: Rachel Lammey, Head of Community Outreach at CrossRef. Rachael worked as publishing manager with Taylor & Francis before joining Crossref in 2012. REGISTER FOR WEBINAR HERE.


The next Ingenta Publisher’s Bulletin will be out in late October with all the news from the Frankfurt Book Fair, along with Updates on Article Processing Charges and information about AllrightsOnline.

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