Your publishing business is driven by readers, subscribers, retailers, institutions and intermediaries. But as a group, your users are also a valuable asset to marketers, related products and connected industries. You can monetise all of your markets, delivery methods and make the most of your reach with a modern advertising management system.

Our solution is a complete, browser-based multimedia advertising, CRM and sales management platform for content providers. With the ability to sell and track digital and print ads in a single system, you can maximise the value of your audience with streamlined ad sales, packaged ad buys and multi-channel campaigns, generating new revenues from previously untapped sources.

Ingenta Advertising manages

  • Bookings
  • Packages and bundles
  • Inventory management
  • Finance/credit control
  • CRM

User features

  • Account de-duplication
  • Contact management
  • Reporting and dashboard
  • Free text, combined and advanced searching
  • Traffic and ad copy tracking
  • Third-party CRM integration

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360 degree view

Whether managing key accounts, monitoring sales performance, analyzing trends or optimizing workflow, ingenta Advertising ensures increased productivity through its familiar intuitive web browser interface. Every department can access specific information while at the same time maintaining an overview of the full operation. Users can tailor their own experience, providing quick access to often used features and reducing the time spent searching for information.

  • In cloud, 100% browser based
  • Calendar or activity driven customer management with opportunity tracking
  • Flexible configuration for any media type and associated data capture
  • Single-transaction booking of digital, print and other media
  • Easy to use inventory management
  • Templated classifieds
  • Detailed reporting by company, top spend and sales person
  • Flexible invoicing and disputes

Third-party integration

Available on premise or in the Microsoft Azure Cloud, you can choose to seamlessly integrate ingenta Advertising with CRM and financial applications, including, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, Oracle, Microsoft and Sun Systems. Designed to be agile and progressive on a fully automated self-service platform, the system allows you to scale your applications to any size. By elastically growing or shrinking your usage based on your needs, you only pay for what you use.

Full support

We provide a full range of materials and guides to ensure you have all the support required before, during and after implementation. There is no lock-in contract, no specialist infrastructure, software or technical expertise needed – just one simple monthly fee to access and manage your sales and business operations through an intuitive web browser interface. Ingenta Advertising delivers power without complexity – whether your role is sales, marketing, finance or production, we will ensure you are all on the same page with immediate access to all of the information. An open, flexible yet solid platform, Ingenta Advertising is capable of supporting the business critical processes of a wide variety of publishers.

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