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Ingenta Advertising

Browser-based multimedia advertising platform
Ingenta Advertising is a browser-based multimedia advertising platform that offers a complete advertising solution to help manage multimedia advertising sales and track processes. An extensive arsenal of tools helps your advertising team keep track of their canvassing and selling process, book multimedia advert placements and make changes at insertion level easily, backed by a flexible Inventory system that empowers your sales teams to sell multimedia, multi-channel print, digital and non-print physical inventory such as events and physical goods such as CDs books, etc.

Ingenta Advertising platform features tools that help plan, organise and manage track leads and opportunities, control inventory, manage financials and report on activity status through built in reporting tool and dashboard.

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Ingenta Editorial

Write once, publish anywhere
An all in one editorial, digital asset management & cross channel publishing platform that covers all areas of multimedia news production and their delivery in different formats and channels, while streamlining the enterprise workflow. Ingenta Editorial is an innovative suite, available in two different editions, one for news agencies and one for publishers.

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Verify digital content easily
Truly Media is a unique web-based collaboration platform. It has been designed to support the verification of digital (user-generated) content residing in social networks and elsewhere. Truly Media (www.truly.media) was developed in very close collaboration with journalists and human rights investigators, taking their demands and requirements fully into account.

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Ingenta Audience

Audience profiling platform to optimise advert positioning
Ingenta Audience is an audience profiling platform. It provides customer intelligence to help you engage the right audiences and make better informed marketing decisions. The profiling platform provides tools to segment your audience. These audience insights help you optimise advert positioning by helping you to determine which areas of content are most likely to be relevant and of interest to your target audience.

“The right ad, in the right context to the right audience”

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